The Winter Assembly 2024, held from February 22nd to 25th, was a grand spectacle of esports, and Everfrost Esports, a rising organization from Kauhajoki, Finland, led by team leader and owner Jani “PapaC” Ojala and owner Toni “Sheverus” Leppäpuska made its mark with commendable performances.

Everfrost Esports participated in two major tournaments: the Overwatch 2 Finnish Championships and Tekken 8. The Overwatch 2 team, including
Jarko “Depsi” Sipilä
Mario “M3ws” Calvin
Olli “Olli” Aatu

and substitute player Sven “Nevs” Hermes, coached by Faisal “Merc” Jaafary, showcased an impressive performance, securing a silver medal. The team’s success was a testament to the integral roles played by the players, the coach, and the team manager, Frederikke “Sukaira” Pedersen.

In a thrilling backstory, the Overwatch 2 team defeated fan-favorite ISO esports, qualifying for the Grand Finals against SRPeakCheck. This victory was a testament to Everfrost’s commitment to fostering a healthy yet goal-oriented practice of esports.

In the Tekken 8 tournament, player Janne “Olav” Alitalo competed in his first tournament sponsored by Everfrost Esports. Despite the intense competition, Olav secured the 33rd place with a 3-2 record, marking a promising start to his esports journey.

Everfrost Esports is more than just an esports organization. It is a community that promotes a balance between esports and life outside it, fostering healthy habits, school work, social interactions, and teamwork skills for 15-24-year-olds. This ethos was beautifully encapsulated when player Jarko “Depsi” Sipilä proposed to his girlfriend live after the finals, and she said yes!

The organization extends its heartfelt gratitude to its sponsors MadDevil, WoodArtFinland, Aktual, and ReeBit for their unwavering support. Their contributions have played a pivotal role in making Everfrost’s journey at the Winter Assembly 2024 possible.

As Everfrost Esports continues its journey, the organization remains committed to its vision of nurturing young talent and promoting a balanced approach to esports. The Winter Assembly 2024 was just a stepping stone in Everfrost’s path to success, and the future holds even more exciting opportunities.