• Grand Opening of Merch Store


    We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our much-anticipated Merch Store, featuring exclusive collections for both Team Ares and Team Flexodiax! Get ready to showcase your team pride with an array of stylish

  • Unto’s MVP Triumph: A Victory Beyond Finals Defeat in the Finnish National Overwatch Cup


    In a stunning turn of events at the Finnish National Overwatch Cup, Unto, a remarkable player, emerged as the Most Valuable Player (MVP), showcasing resilience and skill that transcended the disappointment of losing in the

  • A Remarkable Journey at Winter Assembly 2024


    The Winter Assembly 2024, held from February 22nd to 25th, was a grand spectacle of esports, and Everfrost Esports, a rising organization from Kauhajoki, Finland, led by team leader and owner Jani "PapaC" Ojala and

  • Flexodiax, new addition


    After a long time of secrecy, we are excited to welcome @Flexodiax to our Family! We hope you're ready to be swept away by the thunderous debut of our new team! What kind of thrilling

  • Expansion announcement


    We have exciting news for Everfrost community! We are expanding our games to Tekken and fighting games scene! This is a very exciting moment from us as it is our first time expanding from Overwatch

  • Everfrost Esports websites launched!


    Welcome to our official websites!