Everfrost was founded 2022 January by a group of individuals having a vision to change how an organization
should treat players, staff and their partners. Our expertise and experience in organization operations and understanding and passion to solve existing issues within esports provides our community with best possible tools to begin their journey.

In Everfrost we are never ready, we are committed to being better today than they were yesterday to continuously support our players, partners and community to discover their potential and reach goals.

From passion to performance


  • 1on1 player coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Coach mentorship
  • Manager mentorship
  • Social Media mentorship
  • Running an org mentorship
  • Player development


  • Team building
  • Team operations
  • Team management
  • Team development
  • Internal problem solving


  • Montages
  • Copywriting
  • Live operations
  • Social Media content planning
  • GFX design
  • Watch party hosting
  • Video creation
  • Tournament organization/staff


  • Market research
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Marketing calendar
  • Material & asset creation
  • Academic research inquiries


  • Stream support & troubleshooting
  • Discord building/support
  • Recording support & troubleshooting
  • Computer hardware support & troubleshooting
  • Computer software support & troubleshooting


  • Goal setting
  • Importance of routines
  • Internal relationships
  • Pro & growth mindset
  • Practice, scrim and vodding
  • Aim training
  • Tilt prevention 
  • Team values and goals
  • Team bonding

From one team, grew an organization – and from this organization, a brighter future.

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